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Draco is now working off the lead, with only a few excursions to other parts of the arena per run, and, last night, he suddenly began doing tunnels properly. Ina is very proud of him, and I am very chuffed with what Ina has accomplished with him.

Did I mention (Ina probably did) that a couple of weeks ago we parked and headed for the arena door and came face to face with a young lady holding the lead of another ETT! I mean, this is an 'endangered' breed and a small agility club.

Turned out the ETT bitch, Asha, is Draco's half-sister (they have the same sire) and her owner is actually a dog trainer who, when taking her puppy class out for a socialisation walk in Hainault Forest was rather sceptical when the owner of a very nice Irish Terrier bitch announced she had just met another ETT. This, of course, was Draco!

Asha, who is a year older than Draco, is a lot better behaved...
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Well done to all. And how lovely to meet Asha.

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