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The Editor
At least Ross likes my fiction....

Ross Reads

Actually, I have been writing steadily over the past few weeks, as well as scribbling in red all over the manuscript. It really is beginning to come together. I think.

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Though I do a lot of writing and revision on screen, I always find that there comes a point when I just have to print it out and start scribbling on the pages.

I find it hellishly difficult to compose on screen, unless I have notes to prompt me. Then it's so much easier to find continuity errors and style gaffes on a printed manuscript!

He has excellent taste.
And yay on progress.


How's the Welsh thing going? I'm really looking forward to that.

It's on hold for the Grass King rewrites. But it will get finished.

Excellent! Good to hear you're making progress again.

I'm glad to hear you're writing! Is this the novel we were discussing via messaging awhile back?

Yup. It's proving a bit of a pig.

Glad to hear you're persevering. I'm sure it will be well worth it!

I hope. It's a complicated beastie and I am determined to avoid any "As you know Bob" sequences, despite the amount of information about how this society functions (and how the 'magic' works) I need to get over to play 'fair' in the detective plot.

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