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This is why the LDD has no trouble with jumping in agility...
Draco Jumping

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LDD - Levitating Dog Device, cunningly disguised as a tennis ball. Great shot!

We haf ways of making him yump.

Now I've seen the cartoon, this makes more sense! Also, funnier.

carl_allery of course got the joke, as she's a regular reader of icanhascheezburger.com, with its hoverdog, hover cat, hover horse, and hoveroceros macros.

He's a great little hurdler :-)

Not Big Bucks yet, but still...

You've never met my mother-in-law.


Now I'm glad I never married...

That's so bouncy and cute.

LOL to "hoverdog" comment below :-D

Wow, that's a terrific shot!

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