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Specially for FJM and Fredbassett
This is Lottie, who we met today in Bedford's Park.

Lottie is Proud of Her Stick

Lottie 1

Lottie Running

Lottie Likes Water

The last we saw of her she was sitting on her backside refusing to move. Bassetts are heavy strong dogs, and her owner was having real trouble.

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Lovely photos. We spent the morning with bikes in Wanstead Park and had a lovely time, and met some lovely dogs, but I took not a single photo! Slaps own wrist...but never mind.

I was actually after insects, and did get some. Dragon/damselfly post in the near future.

She's gorgeous.
To get a basset to move,wave a biscuit in front of their nose.

Depends on the basset. The one commenting just below you prefers porn to biscuits ;)

Lottie was more interested in various (large) sticks and other dogs. The way she was greeted by all and sundry suggests she is well known in the area.

A super dog, who chased around with the LDD. Nothing lazy about her - just as her owner said, stubborn.

The basset hound welfare newsletter is called. In Our Own Time which I think sums it up.

A pack of bassets is extraordinaryinits energy.

The third one where she's running is so cute :-)

Oh she's delightful. Especially with the ears all flappiting

She was wonderful.

And "flappiting" is a wonderful word I may steal.

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