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Because this needs to be more widely known...
And known in the country where Ratzi blamed secularism for "declining moral standards" as well as in the US and, in fact, all over the world.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has just published what it will no doubt claim is a major and definitive report on the child abuse scandal. Miranda Hale analyses it here.


I expect most religions to misuse and manipulate facts to support themselves, and the Catholic church has a long history of this - but this is blatant.

via Jerry Coyne.

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Not surprised. The level of institutionalised paedophilia within the Catholic church appears to be so ingrained that admitting to it could bring the whole edifice toppling down.

The thing I *cannot* understand is why ordinary Catholics aren't more outraged - these are people they have been taught to look up to, to whom they have entrusted their children - surely they are the ones who should be angriest?

I get the impression, though I haven't discussed it with my Catholic friends, that there is a lot of "it can't be true of my priest" syndrome. Also, "the Pope is always right except when he's wrong" syndrome.

Belief is apparently comforting. Though considering that atheists are much more relaxed about death, on the whole...

Ratzi is a, well, predictable rhyming word.

Secularism is all that's protecting the heart of the USA and its institutions from the rotting water of religion. The Catholic Bishops can go fuck themselves (not that they aren't already).

It wouldn't be so bad if they were fucking themselves or each other.

(I am always, in this situation, reminded of a wonderful response by a character in a fanfic told to go fuck himselk: "Tried it. Wouldn't reach.)

Apparently it's not a series of excuses they're trying in Ireland...

Nothing here is the slightest bit surprising

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