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They really are quite fond of each other.
Kiss me!

Flash and Draco share a 'kiss'.

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Now that is adorable. And cool use of light, btw.

They both wanted to be in the sun.

Made for a nice effect. And happy kitty/doggytude, too, of course.

Just fab.

Did I mention that Horsy Mother came into school with a puppy in her handbag yesterday? I may have been overtaken by other events. But oh, gorgeous puppy! (And oh, why the bloody hell did the headmaster choose that ONE DAY to stalk around the playground? He didn't notice the puppy, thankfully, but he put us to a lot of worrying!)

Handbag doggie! I know a wonderful handbag-sized doggie, but you would be hard put to keep him in a handbag, or any other bag. (I'd take him home with me tomorrow.)

Thankfully (I am not a fan of rat-dogs - why not have a rat, which is a beautiful animal in itself?) this is a border terrier and will grow. But at the moment, she wants to be cuddled and carried around all the time, and OOOOOOOOH PUPPY.

That Flash: total fuss junkie.

Awww, how adorable!

Keeping the collar on Spot prevents her from licking herself raw, but it also prevents her from doing normal grooming. This morning Mouser had her pinned down and was grooming her quite thoroughly. I could almost hear him saying, "Kid, you need a bath!"

Allogrooming - which is what grooming each other is called - is that surprising thing, the acknowledgement of social relationships within a group of cats. I always love watching it...

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