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I have been trying to stay off LJ because I am trying to finish this 'ere novel or, at least, to get it into a state for first readers. This means a newly printed copy with red ink all over it and lots of tags and question marks and notebooks.

There are a lot of photos from an expedition with Lapswood to various local sites, from which he seems to have got many better photos. As Ina says, his style is different from mine. However, I don't know why I am so obsessed with getting a photo of those bloody little egrets on the Roding, but this is the nearest

That bloody egret

Dr Who was, like all this series so far, about identity, but rather more overtly than of late. I found it rather tiring. However, it has made for much entertaining speculation within fandom.

Draco has been appalling, attacking both a baby bird and a baby dog within a few hours.

I was deeply impressed by Vettel's driving today. Hamilton plainly had the better package in the later stages of the race, but Vettel held him off superbly. F1 is interesting at the moment, but tyre strategy is not going to remain interesting for the whole season.

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That's a splendid photo, love the lowering sky.


Amazingly, it didn't rain on us!

Well done on capturing that Egret. I've been looking through the pictures you've posted on Flickr and they're amazing. British Nature in all it's beauty!

Edited at 2011-05-22 09:09 pm (UTC)

I have photos of little egrets taken in Crete and on the south coast, yet somehow I am fixated on getting a good photo of the little horrors. Oddly, I have yet to see a kingfisher on the Roding.

Great shot :-) And I like your icon.

Isn't it lovely? I've always adored Hyacithine Macaws.

It's from icons_by_mea

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