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The Doctor's Wife
I loved this episode.

This was such a clever episode (though the instant the word 'thief' was mentioned the TARDIS connection was clear.) I want the script, unadorned.

It was so absolutely right, and in character - there was even the slight tribute to Ten in all that running down corridors. There were also some really witty lines, but I would expect that from Gaiman.

He's added more to Canon is this one episode than most of the rest of New Who put together.


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I'd figured out that the spirit of the TARDIS had gone into Idris before that, when it cut from the TARDIS going dead to her going regeneraty in the machine Uncle and Auntie had put her in; I thought we were probably supposed to be ahead of the Doctor there.

And I agree it was utterly fantastic.

Yes, absolutely. We worked out where the Tardis had gone (so to speak) almost at once, but that didn't matter, as the writing was so strong. Amy was actually not stupid, too. Rory, of course, was lovely, as ever.

Definitely pretty. I knew at once who she was talking about.

Oh, me too.

Only the Doctor, with his Amy obsession, could have failed that one!

I adored it. I almost didn't watch it, as I'd been so disappointed with the previous eps this series. Visually stunning and an intelligent script, backed by damn good acting. Even Amy was less annoying than of late. I do like Rory.

It was fabulous! And Suranne Jones pulled a blinder, considering the amount of pressure she was probably under to get that role right!

Absolutely smashing :-)

It was great, though I may have to watch it again -- I was having trouble with the dark sets versus the evening sunshine in the early scenes.

Suranne Jones gave a great performance that redeemed her Mona Lisa in The Sarah Jane Adventures ten times over. A very strong episode and a dramatic change from the previous week - the present team are definitely keen to experiment with different styles and tones now.

Thanks! Now I know why Suranne Jones looked familiar in a Dr Who-ish setting.

I think we have next year's Hugo winner already.

Loved it, loved it, loved it! Suranne Jones was amazing - *of course* the TARDIS stole the Doctor! And, from now on, the only ship worth shipping is Doctor/TARDIS *g*.

It was just such a perfect episode. I think that if it's not THE best Doctor Who episode since Eccleston, it's at least one of the top three.

It just felt so right. And naturally the Tardis is going to be just as eccentric as The Doctor himself. If people tend to resemble their pets, how much more will the Tardis resemble her pilot? Rather eccentric, often quite willful, but always comes through when it counts.

I hope they can wheedle Gaiman into writing some more episodes.

Best line was
"Did you wish, really, really hard?"

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