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Warning: I may be gone a little while
This computer suddenly began to hang totally and run very, very slowly. I spent all yesterday trying to fix it. It may be a virus, but if it is then my scans can't detect it and the speed varies.

Personally, I think it is Windows 7 as I had a couple of updates that simply refused to configure a little while back, and the reason I can actually type this right at this moment is having gone back two weeks to an early Restore point.

The only other things I think can have affected it are the laser printer driver, which was working fine two days ago when I printed out 'Cold Justice' or, and I have my suspicions, the latest version of Flash.

Not that this laptop has been anything but a pain. Funny - my last Samsung was wonderful.

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That's infuriating. I hope it gets solved soon.

I have been there. My sympathy, and hopes for a speedy return.

Windows, being Windows, is usually a pain sooner or later (Linux has its faults, but it's far more secure, and if it does go tit's up, it can be reinstalled with far less hassle). Drivers are very often to blame, or bad updates.

I suppose, given the millions of computers that run Windows, you can't wholly blame them for all the problems caused by it, because there are so many different configurations out there, but considering virtually all PC hardware is designed for Windows, you'd think it would work better than this an a new machine.

Run CCleaner a free program that finds things others don't.

Look at your disk space. You need at least 20% free. Defrag the disk after you've run CCleaner.

CCleaner helped. A bit.

I think there is a program running on boot-up that spends forever reading from the hard disk. The only question is, which one? And is it vital? If I leave it for twenty minutes it works better, though still a bit slowly compared with the way it used to run.

The hard disk is far from full, and I have it on auto de-frag. I looked at it after CCleaner ran, and the C drive was 0% fragged.

.net can be a little unreliable at times.

You can tell what is running by pressing Control Alt and Delete together and selecting task manager.

If you press the processes tab you can see all running processes. Clicking on the CPU column will select for top or bottom of the list. The performance tab will show you what level of each CPU is being used.

If these are low then you are probably being slowed down by waiting for devices to time out. Did you add a printer or something similar recently?

Sorry about all the problems.

Wishing you best of luck that you don't lose anything and get it working well soon.

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