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Cat Pile
This is the pile of cats that greets me as I wake up each morning.

Bed pile

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Yay cats!

Off the point, but I have that Fiendish Sudoku book :)

I have all of those, though now I'm working through the "extreme" books I tend to try and do the Fiendish ones without actually writing alternate numbers in the cells. This makes it more difficult...

My husband winces every Christmas at the next level of su doku books I buy him.

And a very attractive pile it is, too.

Too adorable for words. And doesn't Flash look pleased with himself.

Mine prefer to sleep separately- so they can hog more of the bed!

Mine try to walk the bedhead and fall off on top of me - usually at 4 am.

Mine jump off the wardrobe to do that- a greater height and a greater landing!

You win!

But only because our wardrobes are built in!

The worst thing is when Flash leaps for your shoulder from the floor, misses, and tears holes in whatever you happen to be wearing.

Which one does Su Doku? ;)

Zara, to judge by the way she insists on lying on my chest between the book and my eyes.

... Daaaamn, your cats are gorgeous. *misses her psychotic moggy*

I wish mine would pile like that. They won't even sleep in the same room at the moment...

Well, the Orientals are closely related, and, of course, pretty much Siamese in temperament, so they do tend to sleep together. Of the Singapuras, Zara can be wary of the Orientals, but it's her bed (she has also taken over Draco's bed in living room) and boys are for sleeping on anyway. Flash ain't scared of non-one...

I do wonder if the separate sleeping thing with mine is becase they are Wegies- apart from anything else, they have less of a need to snuggle up together for warmth!

Of course this does not apply to Horace the waterproof shorthair who does not have the benefit of a double coat, and is much more inclined to snuggle or go on knees- but it is usually him snuggling up to one of the others, never the other way around.

What a fabulous feline pile-up. I've been cuted.

Such a lovely range of colours! Especially on white bedding.

I've woken up the last few mornings to find my new kitty, Kayla, asleep beside my feet, which is nice. *g*

For some reason, all our cats are some shade of brown. Singapuras are officially 'ivory with sepia ticking' though genetically they are brown with black ticking. Of the Orientals, Kurt - the dark brown one - and Xolo who is his Mum are the same colour, known as chocolate in the cat world, but Xolo is a tabby. Ross may look grey, but he actually a dilute form of the chocolate, muddied up by odd genetics, and so called 'caramel.'

Yay for Kayla and warm feet!


And how are thay at solving soduku?

They're very good at stopping me!

(Deleted comment)
Oh, this is after they have woken me up around four o'clock demanding treats, I have given in, and we have all gone back to sleep.

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