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Observed Today at the Roding
Take Off

Leaping into the Stream



Draco doesn't do water, even after his ball has been pinched...

Give Me That Ball Back!

But he does run fast...

Draco on the Run

The reserve was beautiful today.

River and a Cow Parsley Sea

We also saw a couple of Little Egrets. In fact, I got to point out one flying overhead to two birders who were watching the river hung from top to toe with camera equipment I'd give my eyeteeth to own. However, they were looking the wrong way! They informed me that two pairs of Little Egrets are nesting on the Roding, along with a couple of pairs of Kingfishers. I suspect they are up where it's quiet, beyond the bridges. We may take a look later this week.

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Such happy dogs! You take such beautiful shots.

Thank you. The weather was lovely today, and everyone was walking their dogs. We saw a lot of wet labradors!

That top one is fantastic! And the other pix aren't half bad either *g*.

#1 shot is fantastic - dog in mid-air and the splash of the onject in the water. Very well done. :) Also the wild flower field across the river - wonderful colours.

I've never seen as much cow parsley as there is this year. Ghu only knows what the meadows are going to be like in a few weeks, provided we get a little rain.

I love the dog-in-flight shot!

I took shots during several leaps. When we left, the dog was still insisting his master threw the branch yet again.

You've really caught the moment with that first shot. The gorgeous spring flowers and foliage, the leaping dog, the splash... :)

great shots of the terrier :-) He's obviously a Tom Daley in dog-form.

That first pic is insanely good. Damn, talking about the right moment.

The other happy-dog-pics are cute and lovely. :)

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