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Photo Post
I got some nice shots of the Orange Tip butterflies of which there were dozens on Fairlop Plain yesterday.

Orange Tip Male

Not to mention these Greylag goslings

Greylag Goslings

Then there was the squirrel who decided to sun himself on the garden swing...

Relaxing in the Sun

And Flash did his usual posing act. I've never known a more photogenic cat.


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That first shot is exquisite! I've not managed to capture a butterfly picture yet. They're so illusive!

We'll take you to Roding Meadows when you come up. There should be a chance of dragonflies, damselflies and butterflies.

Those are all wonderful! I'm always amazed when folk manage to succcessfully capture a butterfly like that.

You chase them, preferably with an SLR, over several days and the instant one settles, you focus like mad and keep taking photos until it moves again. Then you delete nearly all the photos because they are out of focus or the beastie moved...

Ah, the joys of deletion on digital cameras: I've still not quite got used to the freedom to take as many shots as I like.

Fantastic butterfly shot, but also flash in the sunshine. Good photos. :)

As you can see, I haven't been able to resist flash as a new icon.

The last decent butterfly shot I got was of a blue in our back garden when it settled on my right hand. It's not easy taking a photo one handed with an SLR... that's a superb shot you've managed to get there. And the goslings are desperately cute, aren't they?

I have been trying to get a decent Orange Tip photograph for three years now...

All of my decent British butterfly photos are of them resting on plants.

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