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Don't try to second guess the Moff
Because you will be wrong.

I loved this double-episode, and the threads it leaves dangling. I need to see it again to pick over the plot holes (and there will be plot holes because this is Who, after all.)

And, boy, do I love this cast - Eleven, and the wonderful, wonderful River, and Rory and Amy and the FBI guy and even Tricky Dickie (who did, you know, do some things right...)

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As I said elsewhere, please please PLEASE let River be Amy and Rory's child who has somehow picked up regeneration through some inexplicable whatsit. Then she can snog the Doctor without me thinking "hang on, I was hoping you might turn out to be his daughter" and yet fit in beautifully to plotlines.

Course, he still needs to explain why 11 *didn't* die as in the storyline. At the moment, he still could, but I think any DW writer who prevented there being any more regenerations would be burned at the stake...

Edited at 2011-04-30 06:33 pm (UTC)

Course, he still needs to explain why 11 *didn't* die as in the storyline.

Hmm. Well, a Timelord who looked (OK, and acted) like Eleven did die - but he was 200 years older than 'our' Eleven.

And who's to say that there aren't a limited number of 'bodies' available to all Timelords?

Sometimes it's hard being a fanwriter - canon is just a box of Lego...

I have to say, that thought had occurred to me too.

Then, of course, it might be that our little girl is going to morph into a Eleven clone, who is going to be the one who is killed.

Moffat has said (on confidential)
"It was the doctor, not a clone and he did die"

Like the Doctor, the Moff occasionally lies. Or is economical with the truth.

I thought it was terrific. And I really love River. How can anyone not love River? Rory is sweet, and Amy is gorgeous and 11 is really growing on me. The Silents were properly creepy and must have scared the living daylights out of the kids watching, but in a good way

Pirates next week. Should be fun :-)

The weird thing is, kids aren't scared of the things we think they will be. Either that or my son's a freak - both are possible... But I'll be bawling my eyes out or something and he'll be fine.

Yes, you're right - as is often said, kids love to be scared by things like Who. It's RL stuff that really upsets them

I thought it was a lot of fun.

Still a bit frustrated at the 'Oh, look, there are lots of dangling plot lines; let's go and have adventures', which completely trashes my suspension of disbelief, but fun, and for once actually requiring a little thought about what might be going on...

But it's good characterisation for this Doctor, who does spend time avoiding problems - though not quite as self-pityingly as Ten did.

I like having to think about what is happening and the lack of spoon feeding. It's fun to spot the clues and to speculate as to what they might mean, and that's one of the reasons I've come to love Who when I disliked most of RTD's ouvre.

I absolutely loved these two episodes. Last series - well, I liked all the parts but they all seemed to add up to less than their sum. This looks much better!

I'm going to have to watch it again before I grok it completely.

These two episodes were too clever by half.

And that for me, was the problem with them. Moffat needs to be cleaner with storylines to keep the average audience member happy. It got to the point in these episodes, that if you blinked you could miss a major plot point.

So he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't, eh?

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