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That Wedding
Despite being an out-and-out republican (and atheist), I enjoy a good ceremonial as much as anyone and don't see why I should deprive myself of all those uniformed men on horseback. (Just call me shallow.)

I liked the trees, which I thought looked vaguely Tolkienian, and the bride's (and chief bridesmaid's) frock was a triumph, and the minimalist flowers - and Mr Middleton's buttonhole - were excellent. Her mother's dress was pretty good too. (Better than Camilla's, at any rate.) Good singalong hymns to which most people knew the words. Went and made lunch during the sermon, so have no idea what was said.

However, I was really watching for the parade, but there weren't enough shots of the horses and riders. All that focus on the bride... can't imagine why.

The less said about the sycophantic commentary the better.

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At least one woman on horseback, too!

My republicanism has suffered badly in the face of the shifts in politics in the last 15 years. It's getting to a point where I can make the case that a mostly harmless nonsensical system that we inherit may be superior to a potentially harmful mad system we choose. I used to be much more optimistic about politics, but then I started paying attention to the US, and so did politicians!

The commentary has been hilarious! (occasionally intentionally ...) I love the Kate Middleton lookalikes in their blue frocks!

Apparently, back at Charles and Di's wedding, Richard Burton did the Radio 4 anchor commentary. Why? Because his brother was working for Radio 4 at the time and during discussions of the coverage and who should anchor said something like, "My brother might do it. Half a mo' and I'll phone him." Ten minutes later he was back in the room with, "He'll do it."

They played a clip with Burton reciting all Charles's titles (in that voice) then handing over to the next commentator with a cheeky, "Top that!"

That's GENIUS! Twisted and cruel genius, but genius nonetheless.

I did not get why they were so complimentary about Camilla's outfit. I didn't like it and I didn't think it suited her either.

Kate's dress I loved though. And it's always nice to see the household cavalry.

Well, Camilla's dress was (at least from the waist up) better than that of the York girls...

I missed them, so I can't comment lol. The designer on BB was raving about one of the York girls though (whichever one was in Vivienne Westwood).

Good lord....

I like Beatrice's outfit, hate the hat though. Eugenie's hat isn't quite so bad but her outfit is hideous and that colour is dreadful.

I gather some impolite commentators on LJ have been referring to them as 'the ugly sisters' arriving at the ball.

The dresses aren't quite so bad as the headgear, but to be perfectly honest I am wondering whether either of them looked in a mirror before they came out...

And I quite liked Camilla's outfit, actually - I thought it suited her :)

I liked Camilla's outfit except those box pleats did not work with that skirt length. She looked as if she was trying to be a schoolgirl...

Those hats were appalling. I can't help wondering if it might have been some kind of subtle dig at the establishment that excluded their mother from the occasion ... or do they always dress like that?

I'm afraid they often do dress like that.

Someone in the crush of spectators watching on the big common room TV at school said that, too.

Now why am I not surprised!

Incidentally, happy birthday for yesterday and welcome to the adult world.

It is a classic catty schoolgirl gibe, I guess...

Thank you! :)

(Deleted comment)
Sweden has a perfectly reasonable royal family, as do the Dutch.

We, on the other hand, have Charles (who is totally mad and a nasty piece of work) and Andrew (who is a bigot and a bastard.)

(Deleted comment)
As a Brit living in Sweden, and thus being exposed to all the ins and outs of the royals over here, reasonable is not a word I'd use to describe them...

The Swedish king is as bigoted as they come, has just been outed in terms of his 'parties' containing several royals and noteworthy mails being entertained by prostitutes. The revelation has led to a couple of collapses by the Queen, the latest resulting in her being too unwell to fly back to Sweden and was forced home in a limousine. The King? Naw, he fly home by private jet instead...

For some reason, you watching the parade for the soldiers reminded me of:

They're changing guard at Buckingham Palace
Christopher Robin went down with Alice.
Alice is marrying one of the guard.
"A soldier's life is terrible hard,"
Says Alice.

Love horses. Rather like men in uniform, particular young tall men in uniform riding horses.

It's also good research for writing fantasy ceremonies.

I watched most of it on E! - commentary was a lot more fun as they had Dermot O'Leary among others and were much more casual and upbeat.

Could not stand the BBC commentary though did switch over for the ceremony on HD.

I have no strong feelings about the Monarchy - on the one hand they're politically irrelevant and cost a lot of money on the other, they're good for the tourist trade so... I don't really care.

My latent inner-girl took a (very) quick nose at the dress and that was all.

(That photo of Beatrice and Eugenie... lord! They really inherited their Mother's fashion sense, didn't they? Eeek!)

Weddings not really my thing, and I was working today, but I'm pleased that it went well.

Went to the rewatch on Denial when I got home and watched Jenny getting married instead - much more fun! :-) I expect I'll have a gander at the Royal do in the paper tomorrow, though.

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