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Catching up
Pretty awful weekend, as I had a cold - unfortunately, we were supposed to be tidying up before the arrival of Pamela and Marilyn this week. Not a lot got done, particularly as we drove over to Wheathampsted on the Saturday, had lunch at the Crooked Chimmey, and a cat chat to all our Oriental and Siamese breeder friends at the Tabby Point Siamese and Progressive Breeders show which is held at the Wheathampstead Memorial hall. (I half expected the ever-efficent Julia May to have the photos up on her website today, not so. I'll try to remember to link them when they appear.)

Met some fine people and some spiffing cats. Val had a new caramel neuter boy (who hissed at me), Lisa had a lovely classic tabby girl baby, and Carolyn had brought Fenton (who is 'apricot'), who had done extremely well in his class, though her caramel boy, Twister, is "resting" after tearing out a claw. A pity, in a way, (if you like seeing a dust up) because he is exactly the same colour as another lad who was entered (and judged!) as another colour entirely!

A good day for seeing caramels, who are still seeking promotion to Championship status. We need more people to show their caramel Orientals and get the three ICs! (Before you ask, Ross has his, and so does Twister.) However, Caroleen (not to be confused with Carolyn) had pictures of her lovely new caramel kitten, who will be making his debut real soon now. The mating is going to be repeated, so we may get in touch with the breeder...

Mind you, the cat-we-wanted-to-take-home was a lovely silver shaded long haired Oriental kitten, by a cat we have always admired, Grand Champion Loricha Mogwai. She is a real chip off the old block. Alternatively, there was a lovely silver tabby-and-white girl in the Household pet section.

The short story is coming along quite nicely. Too talky, but then it is an ideas piece. I keep thinking of twists and how to introduce some characterisation, of which there is very little currently. Still, I don't think it is going to top 3,000 words, which for me is extremely short.

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Now I had influenza according to my doctor, Rosie and Denise had truly awful colds last week, I dread that I will catch that too.

Apart from that, life had its moments, The cats sound fun


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