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Sarah Jane Goes On an Awfully Big Adventure
Lis Sladen died yesterday, after a battle with cancer.

For me, Sarah Jane Smith was a bright light of joy within a long list of Dr Who companions who I cordially disliked - people like Victoria and Jo Grant. Lis Sladen played a character who was a modern professional woman, and who was brave and clever and compassionate. I loved her more than any companion since Barbara and until Ace.

I even enjoyed K9 and Company because it was about Sarah Jane.

School Reunion was one of the few episodes of NewWho not written by Stephen Moffat that I actually liked, and Sarah Jane presence, for me, made up for Rose and Mickey - and Tennant's hyperactive Doctor.

I adored The Sarah Jane Adventures - far more grown-up in some ways than Torchwood.

Through it all, Lis Sladen's performance was always a joy.

I am so sorry there will be no more.

It was this image made me cry, though.


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"School Reunion" was the very first Dr. Who episode I EVER saw - when I first moved to the UK. I was immediately hooked, and even though I didn't know the back-story of Sarah Jane, it still made me cry...and I loved K-9!

RIP, Sarah Jane!

On the BBC site, there is apparently a message from a bloke whose child, confronted with a Classic Who episode in which Sarah Jane appeared, was heard to utter the following remark.

"That's Sarah Jane! What's she doing in old Who?"

The image made me cry as well. I loved Sarah Jane -- she was bright and capable and sparky. And the spin-off had an older woman as a cool and thoroughly positive role model.

And that series has brought on some smashing young actors, in particular Daniel Anthony.

I liked most of the companions, but Sarah was certainly my favourite, and it's a sad loss to the fandom - she clearly had plenty of time for her fans, and will be missed by a great many.

What with Nick C going only a couple of months ago, it's not been a great year for Who fandom so far.

I wasn't in Who fandom, but I know Lis, like Nick and Jon, were often at cons and were much loved there.

That's just made me cry, too.

She was my favourite companion by far. And I loved the fact that the Sarah Jane Aventures were made. It was such a refreshing change, as Luka says, to see a good part like that in a children's show go to an older woman.

I adore The Sarah Jane Adventures. I'm hoping that we do get to see what is already in the can, and, perhaps, make the rest of the season with re-writes using Jo or Martha to fill-in for (though no-one could replace) Sarah Jane.

Sarah Jane was a heroine of mine through my childhood for the reasons you mention above. I am truly saddened by her passing. We keep losing so many people to this disease.
The image is bitter-sweet. Thank you for posting.

Lis was a year older than me. It's very sobering. By gum, though, she didn't let it stop her and was working til the end.

Now I am in tears too. Suh a fitting image though.

When, after seeing the Dork Tower cartoon in the comments to filkertom's LJ, I went looking for the original to link to it, Dorktower was actually down because of traffic. I suspect this image caused it.

I was sorry to hear this, though Sarah Jane always irritated me for some reason.

There you go. Nothing irritates me as much as Rose, but I know I am in a minority.

See you Friday.

Oh. That is amazing. I will check to see, but if it's not been posted to theoldbluebox, I'm totally posting it there.

(I quite liked the bit in School Reunion with Mickey realising he was the tin dog, incidentally.)

I haven't forgiven the K9 original feature-thing for being about how witchcraft is an Evil Cult Out To Get You, so I've never seen the K9 and Company stuff - would I like it? Though I actually don't like the original Sarah-Jane all that much (I don't loathe her, but compared to Zoe, say - maths genius and karate expert - she spends too much time screaming); the SJA is a FAR more happy representation of her, and I love the idea that actually you can get older and become... I don't know, more you. SJ in SJA seems far more Her Own Person, which I love.

We watched SJA tonight, for Mouse because he wanted to, and for me in memorium. It was tough looking at her and thinking she wasn't any more.

And the image has just made me cry, too. She will be very much missed.

Thank you, that's awesome - sending it to my Whovian friends. ;)

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