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The Haunted Forest
Over the last couple of months, the Woodland Trust has been adding its own wood sculptures in Hainault Forest to extend the sculpture trail that starts in the Hainault Forest Country Park, administered by Redbridge.

Soon, a theme began to emerge.

First, a pair of what Ina and I think of as woodwoses appeared by a pond

The Woodwoses

Soon after that, they began to be watched.

The Eye in the Tree

Then there was the giant's hand

Breaking Out

And the imp (or possibly demon)


And what appears to be a very hungry log

All Eyes and Teeth

They built a bridge on the trail, and what is a bridge without a troll.


Troll Head

We await the next few weeks with anticipation.

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Lovely. Though the hand is very unnerving.

Isn't it, though. Particularly when you come across it unexpectedly.

Those are wonderful. The eye reminds me very much of this photo I took last year, only in this case the eye is accidental and just the result of someone pruning off a branch.

Ever felt like you're being watched?

Now that is a real shiver-maker!

Oh, those are marvelous! An added incentive to get around to a walk there at some point.

We walk Little Dog Draco there most days. Would you like to arrange to join us? We'd even provide lunch.

I would be delighted to! Especially if I can reach you by transit. We have a car, but I am not licensed to drive in this country.

We're not far from Grange Hill and Hainault stations, on the Central Line loop. Also, we pick people up.

Slightly disturbing if you're not expecting them, I can't help thinking. Is there some plot going on to startle all of us, do you think?

I suspect kids will adore them.

I love sculpture parks and trails. They had one at Westonbirt a while back. And a fan friend took me to a brilliant one in Italy some years ago where the sculptures were female representations of tarot cards.

Very striking and bold sculptures. The site is here. I must find the necklace I brought back of one of the figures. Everyone said it was me to a tee -- large woman in bright clothes with big boots and a big mouth!

Oh wow, these are so captivating. Hope they do lots more.

The hand is particularly good! Though I like the troll, too.

Very spooky. Love the fingers, though I really wouldn't want to come on that in the twilight!

My brother fells a lot of trees on his locally-managed commons and the stumps are always turned into wooden mushrooms with a few deft swipes of the chainsaw. :)

The hand is certainly the one that makes the most impact, when you spot it. It's about 20 feet off the path, in the middle of brambles.

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