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I'm Staying Put
Despite having both a Dreamwidth account and an Insane Journal, I don't use either and have no intention of leaving LJ.

It is annoying when the system goes down, obviously, but I am proud to be on a journaling service where people are free to post whatever political opinions they please, from whatever country they please, whether I agree with them or not.

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Exactly. I have IJ and DW accounts as well. I haven't accessed the IJ one since dinosaurs walked the earth. Periodically I back up to the DW one. But I haven't warmed to DW, not least because of some of the holier-than-thou pontificating from people who went over to there a while back.

Yes, for once it isn't LJ's fault and I'm fully behind them.

Credit where credit is due. They take a lot of flak, but I still like LJ and this is where my friends are, so I'm staying put.

Once the source of the DDoS attack became apparent, I resolved to back LJ to the hilt.

Before things became clear, in a moment of frustration I created a DW account, but as I said the other day, I just don't feel at home over there. This is where my friends are.


That may be my shortest post ever (before this sentence, I mean).

Thanks for deciding to stay with LJ. Your reasoning for doing so was exactly similar to mine, and to be honest, while I have an IJ account and a Wordpress account, I prefer to stay here on LJ for most stuff.

Also sticking around. Though I do post to my IJ when LJ falls over, I don't see any reason to actually abandon LJ. I've invested time and money here over the past three years, and it's my online home.

(Deleted comment)

Re: One Good Reason To Stay

But of course. Love to have you.

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