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Spring is Sprunging: the Sequel
The paths through Hainault Forest are full of wild violets. I don't remember there being anything like this number last year. There are also far more celandines.

Gold in the Tree

And I saw my first stitchwort on Saturday! It'll be bluebells next.

The wood anemones are out.

Wood Anenome

Though the daffs are pretty much over, the may is still in bloom... this lot formed an arch over the White Bridge in Roding Meadows. As it happens, there were a load of pretty policemen and women lurking under it, though you can't see them.

The White Bridge and White Arch

The Magnolia next door is going great guns - this is against one of the smashing pink and yellow skies we have been having recently at sunset

Sunset Magnolia

And so is our Clematis armandii, which smothers next door's holly tree.


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Lovely; I love your clematis.

We lag behind you - the daffs are in full swing, the blackthorn is out but not the white, and I was quite surprised to see a patch of wood anemones in bloom.

Don't know about the violets, haven't seen any since those white ones (and wouldn't really expect to). The cowslips seem to be doing well, though.

The violets have only just started and I have yet to see primroses, but this is probably because we don't get them in Hainault Forest. I need to drive up to Lower Epping Forest where they do have them.

The only primroses I've seen were on a sheltered bank in the Botanic Gardens - but likewise, I haven't been where they grow...

Lots of violets at Finchale yesterday; things are clearly moving on apace!

Lovely. We have lots of celandines and wood anemones around here, and the daffodils have been glorious, though yesterday's rain and hail knocked them about a bit. And I thought the magnolias were doing well, but Sheffield magnolias still can't hold a candle to London ones, I see.

We did spot a few early bluebells on Saturday. Some trees are starting to come into leaf, too.

The magnolia tree in the picture is thirty feet high and quite stunning. We were worried for it when they developed the house in whose garden it stands, but the work is done and the magnolia is still there.

Edited at 2011-04-05 07:22 pm (UTC)

Mmmm! Looking forward to seeing it. At least I can walk as far as your garden!

Edited at 2011-04-05 07:37 am (UTC)

I love wood anemones. I haven't seen any round here, though - I shall have to have a trip out to look for them. Daffodils are still going strong and the celandine's just opening. The blackthorn's in that ethereal stage where the white flowers seem to be floating in bare hedgerows. The first flower is just opening on the top of my magnolia.

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