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Doggie Friends
While walking in Roding Meadows (and where the LDD made friends among the police dragging the lake for the other body parts to match the arm found last week) we also met several delightful puppies.

Including this Staffie

On the Run

And this Dogue de Bordeaux

Who you?

both of whom had been in the river.

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The look on the Dogue de Bordeaux's face is classic! He reminds me a of a grumpy old colonel . . .*g*

OMG I have never wanted a dog as much as I do right now. They are both so sweetfaced.

Aren't they lovely? I am, however, very pleased that neither you nor Ina are missing an arm, and very sad to hear about what has happened.

No-one actually knows what happened yet, since all that has been found are a couple of body parts, but, plainly, the cops are treating it as murder.

The lake is between Buckhurst Hill and Chigwell, both of which are expensive areas with a rep for housing important East End villains.

I love the first picture, which is quite clearly an entirely static dog doing a yoga pose. ;-)

EEK! about the body parts, though.

Beautiful pics, beautiful doggies (yeah, I know, doesn't matter how prestigious the breed, I still think of them as big, old doggies).

My mum always referred to our cats as "moggies" and justified this because, "You told me they were Singapore Street Cats".

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