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Diana Wynne Jones has died
Diana Wynne Jones, one of the best children's authors this country has ever produced, has died after a long illness.

Her books are clever and wise and funny. Howl's Moving Castle is one of my great comfort reads, as is Deep Secret (though it is even funnier if you know British fandom.) I am in awe of The Spellcoats and Fire and Hemlock. Most recently, she gave us The Pinhoe Egg to add to those books of hers I read again and again.

I met her several time, and always found her just as funny and charming as her books. She has already been much missed at conventions. However, also I know that, for some of my flist, this news will be devastating. My condolences to them, and to Diana's family and wider circle of friends.

We have our memories, though, and her books. Together, they make the greatest of memorials.

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Oh. I hadn't even known she was ill. This is sad news.

I particularly liked her Derkholm series.

Oh yes! I did love her all-too-accurate picture of the university in Year of the Griffin.

I've never actually wanted to cry at the prospect of a favourite author dying before... :(

My flist is full of grief, both from those who knew Diana and those who never met her but dearly wanted to. Some of it is flocked, but a lot is not, if you want to look.

DWJ's loss is a terrible thing for the sf and fantasy literature community, but especially for the children's literature arena. She was a terrific author, a great person, and her presence will be missed.

I will be re-reading several of her books in her honour this coming week.

There seems to be a rush for the bookshelves to read in Diana's honour. It will also be a comfort. I may re-read Year of the Griffin now I'm reminded of it, though I am also tempted by Deep Secret. Several people who make appearances in that under other names are on my flist, but I have yet to hear from them...

Oh,gosh... that's sad! One of the absolute *best* children's fantasy authors bar none. I am ashamed to admit I haven't read "Howl's Moving Castle" - yet - but "The Ogre Downstairs" and "Charmed Life" were two MAJOR childhood influences.

Howl's Moving Castle is a glorious send-up of the European Fairy Tale tradition - with wicked snook-cocking at the Welsh (which Diana was, of course, entitled to do), a great use of John Donne's Song and one of the best-ever magicians' duels.

The anime was interesting in its own right, but Myazaki simply does not understand the tradition behind the story, so imposed his own obsessions and simplified the ending into incomprehensibility. Nor were any of the characters really recognisable.

We must raise several glasses to her at Eastercon.

Eight Days of Luke was one of my favorites. I'm so sorry to hear she's gone from us. :(

I think Eight Days of Luke was the first book of hers I ever read, back when you could read all her books in a couple of days (at the speed I read then!)

Eight Days of Luke is possibly my favourite of her books, as I've had a long-standing crush on the original of 'Luke' for over 50 years now...

I shall miss her tremendously. She has been my muse and often my inspiration

She was a terrific person - we have missed her at conventions for a while now.

Have you seen Gaiman's tribute to her on his blog, which is very moving?

Thanks for telling me about it. It made me cry

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