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Comment Notifications
Both inamac and I are no longer receiving lj comment notifications. Plainly, AOL has been caught up with with this spam-blocking problem. If you have replied to a comment of mine I am not ignoring you, honest...

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Oh dear... CIX wasn't picking up the notifications, either (started March 1st - I had some of that week's delivered on the 8th/9th, then they stopped again, and I've just had three today, from Saturday/Sunday last weekend...), so I bit the bullet and opened myself yet another gmail account, switched to that as my primary email for LJ, and set it up to simply forward everything to CIX, so I can keep all comments in one place. Seems to be working.

I've had the same problem now for over a week. It's been extremely frustrating so sorry if I've not seen your comments! :0/

Whereas I am finally, finally receiving notifications again after over a week of not doing so!

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