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People are stupid
People are particularly stupid when interviewed on TV.

Sure, it's MoreFour, but saying that your group winner at Crufts is a cat killer on TV means that it is now - minutes later - all over Twitter. Tomorrow it will be in the papers. The Kennel Club will be furious. It basically means that the temperament of the champion Working dog - of a guarding breed - is now suspect. I very much doubt that any judge in his/her right mind would make any guarding dog which was an admitted cat-killer Best in Show.

Personally, I did not like the look of the group winner, and felt it inferior in ring presence to the second. I am also concerned about the fact that this is the second veteran (over 5 years old) to win Group in the two Groups that have been judged. What does this say about the standard of the younger dogs?

Not that the Flatcoat that won yesterday in Gundog wasn't a smashing animal (even if owned, plainly, by pot hunters) and should beat tonight's cat-killing Boxer without even trying, but still...

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Cat vs dog is an emotive issue. I have friends whose 'adopted' Alsatian killed a cat that ventured into their garden. On the one hand cats wandering take the risk of being attacked. On the other - they now have their own cat and I think would be less than impressed by a dog that killed it. Given that Baggy was attacked while on my own property by someone else's dog, you can guess where my feelings lie. Dogs that attack another animal of their own volition are 'out of control'. Yes, it's natural for a wild animal, but not a safe thing in a domesticated animal or household pet. :(

I wouldn't have so much of a problem if the dog had been a hunting dog - a hound or a terrier - where the killing instinct can be very strong and the owner has to be careful.

We watch our terrier very carefully. He isn't allowed to be alone with our cats, and is scolded if he tries to chase any cat outside. We are very careful not to trust him. Both dogs and cats are killers. It is up to owners to make damn sure that they don't get the opportunity to kill domestic animals.

I keep my lurcher muzzled when he's out of the house for exactly that reason, although he is allowed the freedom of the fenced garden both here and in France. Most cats are sensible enough to avoid gardens with dogs.

WTF? In what world was this ever going to be an appropriate thing to say?

...I am boggling.

It was a throwaway line, and the woman was over the moon about winning Group, but the fact that she and Claire Balding treated it so lightly was part of the reason for my outrage.

(even if owned, plainly, by pot hunters)

And I'm thinking, okay, hunting to fill the pot, that's cool, using the dog for what it was bred for, but ... that wasn't what you meant, was it? D'oh!

The dog (which is a beauty) had over sixty challenge certificates... You need three to be a Champion. I am not sure how many are available a year for Flatcoats, but in some breeds it is only about ten.

I was brought up on pony books, where 'pot hunting' was considered to be totally infra dig, and where, if your pony was dripping with rosettes, you would remove them in case it was considered 'swank.'

Bloody hell, that's amazingly stupid. It's something I might say (in fact do say) about my lurcher, but that's why he's muzzled when out of the house! And he was bred to chase small furry things. There is a difference!

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