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Japan Earthquake
The pictures coming in from Japan, particularly of the tsunami (and the huge whirlpool off the NE coast) are astonishing. 8.8 or 8.9 on the usual scale is BIG. What is impressive is the way Japan is dealing with this, even in the first few hours.

It looks like 2010/2011 is the time for Ring of Fire earthquakes. Possibly good news for Turkey...

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Good grief, I just saw them. Japan is very well-schooled in dealing with earthquakes, even better than we are in California. They'll be fine. The tsunami is the worst of it.

And sitting astride a transform fault on the East Pacific Rise, I really hope the Ring of Fire now calms the heck down!

Stay away from the coast, m'dear. Though there won't be much power in the tsunami by the time it gets to California, it's still coming...

The warning starts in central California so I'm safe in LA. The central coast, San Francisco and the Portland, Oregon area are another matter. As you say, though, it should be fairly tiny by the time it hits here. Lots of danger for Hawaii, though, and tons of destruction in Japan. :(

Taiwan seems to have got away with it

And Guam.

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The tsunami is now finished, but the huge fire in the refinery near Tokyo will be a threat for some time.

is there any photo of fire?

Japan must be something like the gold standard in disaster relief efforts. It's just such a shame that they have to be.

There was an interesting comment that the headlines would not be "Japan's building regulations and emergency measures save millions of lives" but it would be true nontheless.

I've been following this (and the Christchurch quake) with special interest as my current OU module (Exploring Science) has a hefty geology component and I've just finished earthquakes/volcanoes/tectonic plates. It's fascinating to be able to apply the theory so soon! And, yes, 8.9 is bloody huge. And that tsunami was possibly even more impressive than the actual quake.

I'm currently paying most attention to the nuclear power plants as I think this will have a significant effect on public perception of/acceptance of nuclear power plants in this west. The venting of the steam from the Fukushima is a worrying development and I do wonder exactly what we aren't being told... (because there's always something - usually several somethings!)

My sister was in Japan teaching English during the last big quake in the mid nineties. She said it was amazing, to English eyes, how well organised and relatively calm everyone is about the whole thing.

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