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Apparently this is the dullest England winter on record.
But today the sun is shining. Admittedly, not quite as brightly as this extraordinary February sunset

Golden Light

But brightly all the same - and it had brought out the boats on Fairlop Waters

Sunlight on the Sails

Not to mention the swans

Swans in Flight 2

And the grebes and tufted duck

Watching the Grebe Go By

And this greylag was in amorous mood

Greylag Display

It was hot enough for this fellow, who is an Akita/Retriever cross

Akita/Golden Retriever Cross

to follow his retriever instincts and go swimming.

So, of course, I am sitting at my puter surrounded by notebooks, cutting, pasting, and resorting a new order to this 'ere story. And trying to figure out why, when I started this new sub-plot business because one of my suspects needed to be on stage more, whenever I get the chance to bring her on I decide that it would be more natural to have someone else report her actions.

Ah, me.

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I wish our Minnesota winter--really, much of the U.S.'s--were a bit duller.

Lovely pictures! I like that first one. The colour is rich! I haven't seen you posting pictures for a while. Both here and on Britscape!

Hope you are well. :)

The weather has been dreadful. I have posted some stuff, but it hasn't been suitable for Britscape...

Lovely sunset!

There does seem to have been a lot of dull, grey weather lately, but it's been lovely here today. I took my camera on my weekly trip to town -- only to discover after a few shots that the battery was flat and the spare wasn't in the case, so I was reduced to using the phone camera on the fountains in the Peace Gardens.

Those fountains are superb. I have some photos somewhere - possibly on Flickr.

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