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World Book Day
The book I am reading: The House of the Stag by Kage Baker (though I left it a few pages in to read The Stranger House by Reginald Hill, which I finished this morning.)

The book I am writing: Cold Justice, but I am half-revising, half trying to write in a large section of sub-plot.

The book I love most:Blimey, I can't choose! Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny or A Song for Arbonne by Guy Gavriel Kay or... one of a hundred other books. I'm fickle.

The last book I received as a gift: You know, I can't remember. My family don't buy me books and neither do my friends, because they are always sure I'll already have it or will hate it. Possibly Princess Nest of Wales, Seductress of the English (which is really interesting) and which its author, Kari Maund, gave to me some years ago.

The last book I gave as a gift: I think it may have been a book about Radio 4 that I bought for Ina last year.

The nearest book on my desk : I am not at a desk. For some reason, the nearest book is Diplomatic Immunity by Lois McMaster Bujold, which happens to be on top of the pile on the coffee table, whose top cannot be seen for boxes of DVDs and piles of books. The two books underneath it are, for even stranger reasons, The Dragon in Chains by Daniel Fox and The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis - both the Bujold and the Lewis are here because Ina has been referencing them...

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That's the second mention of Kage Barker on my flist today. I might give her a try.

I must admit to an affection for Kage (who died last year.)

She had a wicked, rather quiet wit. You have to wait a looong time for the denouement of The Company books, though. Those are science fiction and are about time-travel and conspiracies.

This one isn't about the Company but is a prequel to her fantasy The Anvil of the Sun which is lighter-hearted and which I loved.

I didn't mean to make a meme...

But it's all over the shop now!

I picked it up after the fourth or fifth time I saw it.

Edited at 2011-03-04 08:52 am (UTC)

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