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Because I should be posting something interesting....
Instead, have some photos...


This is Scooby. She is one of Draco's friends and is very sweet


And this is Flash. Being a Singapura.


And Ross, showing his contempt for the camera.

Boss Cat

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Lovely pics. :)
I looked up the Singapura breed today and was surprised to see them described as small. I've never gotten that impression from your pictures.

Zara is tiny. Flash, like most boys, is medium sized.

We have been careful in the UK not to try to breed miniature cats - the standard is specifically written as "a small to medium cat" to avoid this. (I well remember the fight when we were writing it!)

Maybe this'll give you an idea of the size of Singapura girls...

Helping with computing

That does help me perceive her size, thank you! I think I'd describe her as smaller than average, but no, definitely neither miniature nor the larger cat I'd initially envisioned.

They were originally promoted as "the smallest cat in the world" and this worried us (those people who loved the breed.)

That tree shot is especially fine! (I like the beastlings as well, of course...)

That's a great point of view in the first shot!

It's an interesting tree!

Handsome cats and dogs. But that top pic is absolutely stunning. Do you ever enter competitions? If not, you should think about it!

The depth of field isn't good enough. I may give it another try with the SLR...

Flash is very photogenic.

Ross is, but you wouldn't know it from that photograph!

He's lovely in that photo. As everywhere.

Love is blind.

Come and see him soon...

I would love to come and visit: when is good for you?

We need to have a bit of a clean-up, but next week sometime?

Sounds good, subject to builders here -- I will have to let a plumber in one day, and I have another thing on Wednesday.

Let us know when you have that sorted.

Plumber is Monday morning. So I am free on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. (Tues is probably best for me, but what would work for you and Ina?)

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