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Cats and the Wet
Though not necessarily connected. I thought you might like this photo of Xolo in her Elizabethan collar, taken this morning. Madame has learned over the last few weeks to tolerate the collar, and even to crawl under the duvet in it, but it does make it difficult for her to scratch her ears, and humans have to be involved.

Xolo in her collar

It has kept raining, and you don't realise just how much it has been raining until you come across something like this.

This is the way the Roding looks in summer

Crossing the Roding

and this is how it looks now...

River at the Bridge

From this

The River Roding

to this

Just Below the Bank

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Aw, bless!

And yes, it's been wet ...

Poor Xolo. I wonder if there's a feline Shakespeare who writes sonnets.

Your other pictures are ... eek. I hope for a drier spring for y'all ... I hope for a drier spring for California, too, for that matter.

Come now, if cold and wet keep the moobs out of sight, it can't be all bad...

I have a mild form of SAD (at least, I believe it to be mild) and this weather is GETTING ME DOWN.

It can hack me off big time, but that all comes with living in this silly country. Swings and roundabouts.

She mostly looks miffed because it isn't bedecked with pearls and gold filigree, as would befit a queen.

She's really miffed because she can't a) wash her tummy - or anything else except her back paws and tail and b) can't scratch her ears.

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