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Xolo continues to improve, though I am worried about the amount of water she's drinking at the moment, and that she is occasionally sick. Normally this would not bother me, but I'm hypersensitive about her at the moment.

And this evening Draco chose to start limping. Currently he is hiding under the sofa. On the other hand, neither his joints nor his paw has any heat, and I have straightened the leg without so much as a whimper. What's more, he just forgot about it enough to do his vertical leap at the sight of a cat behind the glass door. And, of course, he is a drama queen.

I've gone into comfort reading mode, in this case Diana Wynne Jones' The Pinhoe Egg and have come to the conclusion that I find this so comforting because the threat is so... domestic. And you know from the start that Chrestomanci and Millie can handle anything this mob have to offer.

However, Kage Baker's The House of the Stag arrived this morning and. as I loved The Anvil of the World, I am looking forward to the prequel.

We've now booked the cats and dog into the kennels for Eastercon, and are about to do the same with ourselves.
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I hope things go on going well with Xolo. And that Draco has simply stubbed his toe, or equivalent.

He is much better this morning, but is still favouring the leg. I think he must have twisted it.

Poor Draco. Hopefully it will settle down soon.
Horus sometimes wakes up and limps and shakes the affected leg: we worked out after a while that he has given himself pins and needles, because he lies in such daft positions.

Oh Horus!!!!!

My friends have such entertaining cats.

Do you know, I looked at my bed with five cats on it yesterday and spent some time wondering who was missing. It's a bit silly when you think five cats is too few...

That's understandable, though.

Best wishes for Xolo and Draco.

We've now booked the cats and dog into the kennels for Eastercon, and are about to do the same with ourselves.

Blink. May you enjoy your stay in the kennels. Let us know how it went when you get back.

That's what I get for typing with half a bottle of wine inside me.

Mind you, the cats and dog may have a better time of it...

Is it possible that Draco is just hoping for extra hugs and treats because he is a bit upset by it all? I had a dog who would do a wonderful Diva routine when she was upset, you would swear she was coming down with the plague, but a bone and a cuddle and she was fine.

DWJ is balm for the wounded soul, such a kind writer. Stay well, and the same goes for everyone in your house!

When Draco insisted on sleeping in his crate instead of with Ina we knew that he really was hurting. He is still being a bit careful with his leg this morning, but it is much better. You don't get a chance to neglect Draco in favour of the cats - he tells you very quickly if he wants attention!

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