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Happy Birthday, Steamshovelmama
May you have a great day!

Card for Steamshovelmama

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Oh thank you so much!

That is now my favourite birthday card, even topping the one from my sister which reads, "Vodka! Cheaper than Botox and paralyses more muscles!"

I'm just working down my friends page so I know you've had a shit day - so thank you for thinking of me.

Well, when I made it I wasn't having a bad day at all! In fact, my elder niece (and her husband and baby son) had just sent me a huge bunch of freesias (one of my favourite flowers) because my birthday is close to yours. I love getting flowers. Xolo was being bouncy, and Quillan was just a background worry.

I'm weepy tonight, but I like making virtual cards for my friends...

That's good, then. Really am sorry about the bad cat-year. Losing animal companions is always hard.

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