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Writer's Block: Everything's coming up rabbits
What sign were you born under in the Chinese lunar calendar? Do you think it accurately represents your animal spirit?

No idea, nor do I care.

It's all bunk.

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Heh! All that stuff the other day about star signs changing reminded me of a no doubt apocryphal story (but which always makes me smile at the thought) of when Russell Grant was sacked as The Sun's astrologer. Allegedly, the letter from Kelvin MacKenzie began: "As you will no doubt have foreseen . . ."

Ina informs me that I am an Ox, then read out the personality and howled with laughter. I have to admit, I howled too. But then I am the exact opposite of most of the Aquarium (sic) traits too.

I'm a Rabbit. When you're waiting for your meal and the placemat is the only reading material...

Ah a scorpio then. Nods. ;-)


You have to remember that I am almost the opposite of my "star sign".

Oh I think it's all hugely cobblers. It'd be fun to rund fake astrology for a year, get everyone to rate it for accuracy and then go hah! told you.

You will note that another member of my flist is complaining that I bothered to reply at all. As if it cost me more than half a minute to clog up the spew with a bit of sark!

Sark makes the world go round.

(Deleted comment)
Absolutely, all a load of coswallop, have no interest at all in ... ohhhh, a dragon, really? Hmmm, well, at least that's a load of very cool codswallop! ;)

*scurries off to check meaning of codswallop and if it being cool is a bad thing*

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