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Another Duck! And Spring!
After taking Quillan in to the vet hospital this morning, to have this horrible sore lump removed from his mouth (and to hear the great news that Scott thinks Xolo may be able to come home on Monday!) we took Draco down to Roding Meadows which is only a half mile or so from the vets' place.

And there was spring! Catkins in the newly-laid hedge.


While down on the lake, the shovellers were absent, but this bird, which I think is a male gadwall, was busy trolling the waters. (If it isn't, I'm sure my flist will tell me sharpish.)


Another shot of the putative gadwall.


And a cormorant (with additional coot)

Cormorant and Coot

Canada Geese in flight

Canada Geese in Flight

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May the cat news continue good.

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