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Another Duck! And Spring!
After taking Quillan in to the vet hospital this morning, to have this horrible sore lump removed from his mouth (and to hear the great news that Scott thinks Xolo may be able to come home on Monday!) we took Draco down to Roding Meadows which is only a half mile or so from the vets' place.

And there was spring! Catkins in the newly-laid hedge.


While down on the lake, the shovellers were absent, but this bird, which I think is a male gadwall, was busy trolling the waters. (If it isn't, I'm sure my flist will tell me sharpish.)


Another shot of the putative gadwall.


And a cormorant (with additional coot)

Cormorant and Coot

Canada Geese in flight

Canada Geese in Flight

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Nice pictures!

And thanks for the update on Xolo. I'm sure she will be happy to come back home.

She will complain, very loudly, particularly as she will be caged for enough time to make sure her son doesn't lick open her wounds.

Love the catkins!

And good news about Xolo.

And good news about Xolo.

Isn't it? We have about a one in ten chance of still having her this time next year, but at least we should have the next six months or so.

Nice. Like the cormorant. And glad about Xolo.

Thank you! I knew you'd tell me if I was wrong. It's a gorgeous duck - I love the subtle feather colours.

Yes, they do have a modest subtlety when you look at them, rather than being the grey drab bird they seem to be on a casual glance. Rather like Stock Dove, only better because Stock Doves are pigeons and that's always going to count against them.

Little Dog Draco hates pigeons too, particularly wood pigeons. In fact, out neighbours don't mind his barking as much when they found out he barks mainly at wood pigeons...

That's splendid news about Xolo.

She was in great form this evening. She has most of the vet nurses, including the chief nurse, right under her paw.

May the cat news continue good.

Lovely to know spring is settling in - good luck to it!

That's good news about Xolo; you'll be glad to have her home and to keep her for a while. Best wishes for may it be longer.

Thank you. Xo sends purrs.

Happy to hear about Xolo. Six more months (minimum) is six months in credit. Time to give her plenty of time and love which is all any of us can hope for at the end of the day!

And there is always hope.

It will be good to have our Creaky Hinge home again.

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