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Beautiful Evening
We've just got back from taking Draco for an afternoon walking in Roding Valley Meadows.

There were shovellers on the lake. (We don't get them at Hainault Forest, at least, not when I'm looking.)

Male Shoveller

The light was lovely, allowing some nice colours...

Willow in Winter

The Roding in Winter

And as for the sunset!

Suns Setting

Sunset over the playing fields

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Love the duck in particular! And you're right, what superb light.

These are all lovely. Love that last sunset tree line. Would make a good panorama!

The light was indeed great. I was at work most of the day but I did manage to capture this silhouetted local tree on my iPhone as I walked home from the bus stop...
Local Tree Silhouette
... can you tell me what species it is?

Edited at 2011-01-31 07:26 pm (UTC)

Not a tree expert, but looks like lime to me.

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