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If it looks like I'm ignoring you, blame the rain
Thanks to everyone for their good wishes for Xolo.

We will keep you all informed of her progress. She had a good night, but they are having problems getting her to eat. They're going to try her with chicken.

However, we are, not for the first time, having trouble with our phone line. This happens occasionally in bad weather, and it means not only that the landline is out - which shouldn't trouble any of you - but that the wifi is intermittent. It just came back for a while, so I am typing this and hoping it doesn't vanish. Anyhow, that's why Ina and I will often seem to be unavailable for a bit.

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I'll continue to hope for the best for her, and for the rest of the household too.

I have my fingers crossed for Xolo and you and Ina. That LDD has moments of extreme excellence, bless his sick cat spotting skills.

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