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Draco's friends
I adore the big dog. He is an English Bull Terrier X Greyhound, combining two of my favourite dogs. However, that mix could be anything from a perfect friend to a cat/dog killer.

Little and Large

All the same, if I'd been offered him, I might have taken him on.

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Love it!

There was a golden retriever puppy taking on a middle aged alsation at the park on Tuesday. The alsation was so fantastic in letting the pup play around and bounce on her! I wished I could've taken a picture.

That's an unusual cross . . .

Splendid pic. It cries out for a caption *g*.

It cries out for a caption

It so very much does, yes!

I have a friend who is active with a Greyhound rescue. They are the sweetest dogs.

Greyhounds, being sight hounds, bred to run down and kill - well, anything, really - are not always safe with cats. English Bull Terriers, being bred originally as fighting dogs, are not always safe with other dogs. (Ina and I used to say that we wished we had five pound for every advert we had seen that said something to the effect of, "Free to good home. English/Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Good with children and cats. Would suit household where only dog.")

Most greyhounds are lovely, and at least one of my flist, with a house full of cats, fosters sight-hounds and owns a greyhound and lurcher. However, some of her cats are Bengals, though, with which few dogs will tangle.

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