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Tonight's Moon
Is quite something...



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It's been pretty spectacular the past night or two, and yesterday was showing very clearly in the sky during the afternoon, as well.

That's beautiful! What mm lens are you using?

Tamron AF 18-250mm Aspheric zoom for the Pentax. At max stretch. With daylight colour balance that gave the best result.

Excellent job considering you didn't use a tripod and a timer setting.

It was contributing to a remarkable twilight here this afternoon.

It was even better with the clouds flying across it, but I didn't have the camera at that point, seeing as I was cooking dinner.

Ina says it was almost like daylight when she took Draco out for a run.

That's a wonderful pic.

I stood and stared at the moon when I got home from work tonight.

So is the photograph. Amazing.

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