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LJ and the slowness thereof.
Comments are taking over half an hour to come through.

Anyone else having this problem?

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No, but it's been spam city lately, so I am wondering if the two are related.

Mine are taking six hours to come through, if at all!

Just over a one hour delay with the last comment to come through, so there is hope...

I haven't said anything for days, being in a slightly premature February Funk, so I can't judge. It does go through slow periods sometimes though, and by 'sometimes' I mean 'far too often'.

Yes, I've just been talking to D_1 about it. and LJ in general has been laggy and annoying all evening.

Earlier today comments weren't coming through at all -- they're trickling through belatedly and in random order :(

Yes, they've had the problem for a couple of days. It's annoying as hell.


Others were whinging LJ was slow to load earlier.

It's been slow to load for me, but I usually assume that's the computer rather than LJ itself. A couple of comments have been noticeably delayed, but I've been away from the machine a lot and not actually commenting a lot either, so it hasn't been particularly annoying...

That one took nearly an hour.

The whole site is a bit slow today. I've been blaming the weather.

Yep, it's been like that all day. Comments are slow and coming in a weird order and the site is very slow and clunky.

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