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Definite Hope of "The Silver Chair".
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader has grossed $338 million worldwide, from a production budget of $155 Million. That ought to guarantee The Silver Chair except that most of that gross came from worldwide sales, with the US market only grossing just under $100 million.

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I do really like the Silver Chair.

Yes, so do I, and its structure makes it ideal for dramatisation, unlike the three previous Narnia films. Also, I want to see Poulter do Eustace again!

Agreed. I always thing The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe has such a vivid beginning - the lamppost in the woods, Mr Tumnus, Edmund and the turkish delight that I often forget that it all dribbles off a bit in the second half. (For sheer magic, I think it's top of the books.) But the Silver Chair as you say has a great story, one that's going to translate well to film and some awesome set pieces.

Does it matter to them, where the money comes from?

Unfortunately, yes. Worldwide sales as usually regarded as a 'bonus' and what really matters is the headline figures from the US, particularly the opening weekend, then the percentage fall-off.

I hope they can find a better actress for Jill than they managed for Lucy.

I'm still annoyed that they followed the illustrations rather than the text - Lucy is a blonde. ("Gay and golden-haired," to quote Lewis.) I don't like the Baynes illos, though I suppose the ones for The Horse and His Boy are okay. Her style suits horses and the Calormen.

Yes, absolutely. Though I do like the Baynes pictures. They just feel right to me, I guess.

I agree, Eustace was spot on. Interesting that there is a suggestion at the end of VotDT that Jill and Eustace are friends - enough for Jill to be calling on him which is not the relationship from the books at all. The school intro to TSC has dated rather badly so I wonder of that might be changed?

I *would* like to see TSC, though. Particularly the underland.

Ohh, yes, the underland. And the witch turning into a snake, and her battle with Rillian, and who can we cast as Puddleglum?

I don't think I can get Tom Baker out of my head as Puddleglum...

The thought of Tom Baker as Puddleglum was one of the many reasons I refused to watch the BBC version. (I loathe Tom Baker. Like some other ex-Doctors I could mention, he overacts like crazy.) He's far too manic for Puddleglum.

In fairness to Baker, his wasn't the only dodgy acting in the BBC version... the children are pretty bad and Lucy is downright awful. Baker certainly overacted but he wasn't noticeably manic. More the "look how alien I am" kind of thing. I rather enjoyed it.

Thinking of ex-Doctors and flavor(sic)-of-the-month actors, I can see David Tennant making quite a good job of Puddleglum (with the right director).

Agree with you that they have to change the 'school' beginning and ending - particularly for a US market. If they weren't locked into a 1940s setting I'd be inclined to go for the pair of them being set upon by hoodies on a sink estate...

Dammit, now I want to write a SC screenplay...

Tennant doesn't appear to do lugubrious.

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