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TV Special Effects
Someone on Eggheads has just announced that their job was a "virtual assistant". She looks solid enough to me. Computer graphics and AI had plainly improved.

Mind you, some idiot - Edward Stourton??? - presenting Sunday yesterday, quoted the "who never said a foolish thing and never did a wise one" verse as applying to James the First. Excuse, me, sunshine, but that was Charles the Second, who had nothing at all to do with the Authorised Version of the Bible.
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He should have described James I as 'the wisest fool in Christendom', which was used to describe that king.

Indeed. He (or more likely his researcher) probably got mixed up.

Mind you, the Bishop of London informed us that James the First was the most learned in theology King of England evah.

May be true, but a lot of them were, and Henry VIII certainly impressed the Pope. Then there was Edward the Confessor...

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ISTR that it's difficult to disentangle Edward's real theological interests from the hagiography which built up after his death when he was pressed into service as prophet and patron saint of the Norman Conquest; but it's unlikely James I or Charles II would ever be canonized, unlike the intervening generation (only for Anglicans, and quietly phased out as far as most Anglicans were concerned in the nineteenth century, though I've been in one church where his portrait hangs).

I've seen a stained glass window- I think it was in St James Grimsby.

I suggest that the 'virtual assistant' comes up and says "can I help?" and looks like she's GOING to... but then doesn't ;-) I've met loads of them (and, alas, in my 'real' job, suspect I could describe myself that way too!)

Tuts at the youth of today

I'd be all for Zombie Rochester mocking everyone who has come since, but going back in time to skewer those before he was born? Beyond even the 'good' Earl, I fear.

I have to admit that I listen to Sunday, the BBC Radio 4 religious news programme on a 'know your enemy' basis. It has provoked letters of complaint from me, which does not happen very often. Currently, Radio 4 is going quite mad about the Authorised Version anniversary. On Sunday practically all programming save The Archers, the News, and other religious spots, were cancelled for all-day readings.

I shall be interested in the ratings.

I wasn't too interested in the readings, but the three programmes presented by James Naughtie were very interesting.

I enjoyed Naughtie's programmes very much. However, a whole Sunday of readings seemed like overkill.

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