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Yesterday was spent mainly in the car. That is, either driving (or being a passenger) to Stoneleigh and back mainly in the dark and wet, or sitting in the car with Draco. Of course, every now and then we got out of the car and walked around the Stoneleigh centre. Ina, meanwhile, was mainly inside one of the halls with Flash, because this was a C-A-T show. I really, really, really hate shows in January, and Stoneleigh in January is... well... dire. Last year there was so much snow then the entire shebang (the Shorthaired Cat Society's big multi-breed Championship show and half a dozen breed shows incorporated into a single event)was cancelled and moved to April! That wasn't too bad because it wasn't that cold and there were things Draco and I could go to watch, such as s small showjumping event, and a marching band practice.

However, this set-up does mean that you can collect two Certificates rather than one, which is what Flash did, and he is now a Premier to go with his Champion title. Actually, he had a terrific day, also picking up a Best of Breed (at the Shorthair) and lots of firsts, a second, and a decent position in a big class of titled cats.

We also missed Primeval and therefore the livewatch. We will pick it up at the repeat on Wednesday.

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Flash thanks you. He won a trophy but would rather have an ear-rub. (When we checked the inside of his ears prior to going to the show we found they were wonderfully clean. Mainly because Draco washes them...)

Ear rubs are best, definitely.

It sounds like a grim day for you, but well done Flash!

I forgot to mention that he won a club trophy too!

Not that he didn't spend a lot of time complaining.

Grim day! We wondered where you'd got to last night! I missed your comments.

The Voice of Doom, eh? *grins*

So far all I know about the episode is last week's preview and that Reggie loved it and textualdeviance didn't, from which I conclude that there wasn't a lot of baddass Connor.

LOL, yep, that's an accurate guess! As Luka usually says, Connor was about as badass as her hamster.

*pictures ninja hamster beating up Connor*

That would make a fabulous gif.

Incidentally, one of those new members probably got sent over via me. sabethea who writes smut (among other things) professionally as well as being a well known HP fan and all-round good-egg, met up with a fellow jobbing writer who writes YA fiction and smut. Said writer didn't know about fan fic, but once she did expressed a wish to find some decent Primeval smut. Sab threw the question open to her LJ flist, and I pointed them in the direction of Denial.

Edited at 2011-01-09 05:12 pm (UTC)

Doesn't look like she's joined yet, but hopefully she will. We're only 3 members off 500 now, which makes us the largest of the active comms. (I'm no longer counting p_itv as active in that sense as the mod is AWOL, there are no regular posts and little or no member to member interaction). So please do keep pimping Denial.

It doesn't sound like much fun for you, but congratulations to Flash.

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