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Not so much today
Today I didn't get that much done. 134 words, in fact, but then there was dog walking, and shopping, and a new tyre for the car. I hope to get some words drafted this evening, though.

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Every little counts. I managed 205, and now I have to push off to bed. Good luck!

Missed you at THE TUN tonight! Was hoping to talk photography! :0|

It was cold and wet and horrible, and I've never been someone who makes a date with the Tun a priority. It was much easier when I wasn't retired and worked in the city or the South Bank. Nowadays the dog ties us down extensively.

I hope the weather is better next month as it would be nice to chat to you about photography some time. THE TUN and The BSFA are my only regular social engagements each month so only work or snow is going to keep me away. :0|

My day was much the same (though checking another house rather than dog-walking, and doing the laundry...)

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