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The Year in Retrospect
Now is the time, to look back at 2010 - a year, for me, dominated by death. The first part of my year was spent trying to arrange both my father's committal to a care home, after he was diagnosed with dementia (and that he was is thanks to his wonderful GP), and then working through the process of applying to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship so we could pay for his care from his own savings accounts. Of course, he died just before this came into effect. My brother, who did not deal with the Court of Protection, has now spent the second part of the year dealing with my father's estate.

We have lost two cats, Pyanfar to cancer and Casino to pancreatitis - and we came close to losing Xolo, because she rarely comes to be loved or fed. We keep a closer eye on her nowadays, but feeding her her pills is not an easy task. That pill feeding has also become harder with Quillan.

The garage has been converted into a utility room and the boiler replaced, but there is a great deal of work to do, which we must really get down to in the New Year.

I managed a lot of work (around 50,000 words) on the on-going novel, Cold Justice but stalled a couple of months back when I realised a whole new thread had to be added. It will come right.

Met a number of LJ friends, and met new people who became LJ friends, mainly at the Eastercon, which was flawed but fun. Love to Fred and Luka and Bigtitch and Maeve the Red and Chaz and Jaine. We had visits from overseas friends, mainly people Ina has met through Harry Potter. Became LJ friends with wonderful people who I hope to meet one day. (Brammers, next time you're in London...)

Crashed into the Daziel and Pascoe novels of Reginald Hill and fell totally in love.

Fell partly in love with Dr Who... well, I fell in love with Eleven and Amy and Rory and River. The plotting could do with improvement, though. Criminal Minds continues to impress, and I discovered The Mentalist. Inception was the best film, in a so-so year. Everything I saw was flawed, and some well-reviewed stuff was laughably bad.

Joined AO3 and really, really need to post some of my old fanfic. New Year's Resolution, perhaps.
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There was a short reading by Reginald Hill on Radio 4 recently-

which I would describe as excellent.

It was great to meet you and Ina at Eastercon, and hopefully we can get together again this year sometime.

It was lovely to meet you at last. Hope we see you and Ina again soon.

And glad you fell in love with Reginald Hill!

Edited at 2011-01-01 03:57 pm (UTC)

It's been a tough one, alright. How old was dear Grandma Py? Here's to better times in 2011 ...

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