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Photograph of Certosino aka Pan Speziale


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I love the way the walnuts look like little brains. Add some dried dates and this would be a perfect Halloween dessert!

Good idea (though it's a traditional Christmas cake.)

Lovely picture (I like the lighting), nummy cake ... even healthy-looking.

Er... it's basically raisins (soaked in brandy), walnuts, pinenuts, almonds, and masses of candied peel, together with a smallish amount of flour, stuck together with honey and butter, with a teaspoon and a half of bicarb to raise it. So not so healthy...

Walnuts, almonds and raisins are all very good for you. I will admit the honey, brandy and butter probably counteracts the health effects but ...

And I forgot to mention the chocolate and stem ginger too, though maybe the 6oz of cooked apple balance them. Not.

(To be honest, Ina and I looked at the recipe and mutter, "Full of favourite things!" and resolved to make it on the spot.)

Now I'm hungry. (The time might have something to do with that, but that is a very yummy looking cake.)

Hum. I'm hungry far too often.

It does look like a very good cake. Just because it is a traditional Christmas cake does not mean it need be traditional for *your* Christmases; Halloween is still vaguely in the right season. (I think of how Thanksgiving-like Christmas at my in-laws always is.)

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