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Pyanfar Remembered
inamac has posted about Py's last trip to the vet. Typically, she was awkward to the end, and her blood pressure was so low that she had to be sedated before the final injection, so the vet could go into a vein in her abdomen - and her wonderful light green eyes never closed during the whole process. She was being scritched and stroked to the end.

But enough of that. She was a wonderful cat and a particularly wonderful mum. The photos behind the cut are how I remember her.


Py's first litter - having a feed 2

We can all squash in...

Happiness is a warm box and kittens

The Typeface Litter at the Milk Bar

The Mafia Family

Ross and Py Cuddle

Lovely photos of a lovely cat. Her general attitude there seems to be "Now, have I got enough kittens?"

"And who cares if they belong to someone else!"

She was an awful kitten stealer.

oh, she was lovely. I'm sorry for your loss, but glad that you were with her to the kindest possible end.

Thank you. She was a super cat.

Beautiful. I'm glad you and Ina were with her to the end.

Lovely pics! Especially that first one. I'm so sorry for your and Ina's loss.

I'd forgotten that top piccie which I found on my Flickr account while looking for a good portrait shot I hadn't posted before. She would have been just two years old at that point.

Those are wonderful pictures of a most beautiful cat (and all those kittens!). I'm so sorry for your loss.

Some of the kittens aren't hers! Notably the pair in the last but one picture, which belong to Xolo, her daughter, as does the adolescent spotty tabby at the front of the picture, that being Lupin, purpletigron's Wong! The two other adults are said Xolo, who is attempting to wash Kurt, and her son, Ross.

So sorry.

Is inamac's post f-locked? I don't see it.

Yes, but she's going to unlock it for you.

She was beautiful. I'm so sorry you've lost her.

She was. Thank you, Fred.

What a beautiful cat.

That first photo is a lovely portrait.

I think the one of all the cats packed into the hexagonal carpeted hidey-hole is my favorite, though.

The kittens went in, so she had to follow.

I am glad I had the honour of meeting her. As I wrote to Ina, I'm sorry for your loss, but happy that you take such good care of your old cats. A sad year, for you, this year, cat-wise. Losing pets is awful.

Lovely pictures.

I'm sure she felt the honour was all yours!

Thank you, m'dear.

What a pretty kitty. Sorry you had to lose her but she went knowing she was loved.

She went believing she was the centre of the universe, which is what she always believed. Despite having another six cats, including her son, her daughter and her grandson, the house seems empty. One always knew where Pyanfar was.

Aw, she was really beautiful.

The photos show a cat I'd have enjoyed meeting. Aww!

Cats don't live as long as people, and the important thing for either is to have a good life. I am sure Pyanfar did.

She was a beautiful cat - in fact, they're all beautiful.

For sheer awkwardness I nominate Mintaka, who managed to die (a) on a Sunday, (b) three days before Christmas and (c) the day we had scheduled to drive down to Lynn in London and back via my mother's to deliver Christmas presents. Oh, yes, and in thick fog. We shall never forget Mintaka!

They do it on purpose, just to be awkward.

Those are such lovely pictures! What good memories to hold to.

One of our pair (Kosh, in pic) died on New Year's Eve last year - there seems to be something about the season....

A lot of people seem to have lost cats in the last year or so... Two of ours have gone. Then, of course, there is winter, which does not help old or sick kitties.

Kosh looks to have been a very handsome cat.