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Failed to avoid...

It is coming down at speed, with lotsa swirling. Still, the new freezer got delivered, and the dog got walked, the post was posted, mail arrived, and we now haz bread and chocolate, and all before the snow.

We have food for at least three days, too, though after today it is emergency rations.

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I got my Laundry done and am home now. About 8cm fell an around 3 hours and all public transport has ground to a halt. I think we're ok for food till just after Christmas but I have got work on Monday. We'll see what happens! :0/

They should have the main roads cleared and some public transport working by Monday. Story is that once this is past there won't be much more Tuesday, at least around London.

Did the weekly shop yesterday.

Sheffield snow is slowing selling Dad's house, but I signed all the forms in advance and sent them off this week.

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