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Failed to avoid...

Until two days ago I had not considered Christmas at all, except for a chortle that this year we can actually ignore most of the festival. We also decided to have our main celebratory meal at the Solstice with country wine and mead and lots of candles. (Mind you, we both have dentist's appointments on the 21st!)

However, two days ago it did get to the point where we really had to do something about necessary cards and presents, and I've spent three days dealing with this. Tomorrow, I can post things and then it will be O-V-E-R.

All I have to do then is make sure we have enough food and booze over the shut-down (though Ina has a family event on Boxing Day which we will both attend, plus the LDD, so long as the roads are drivable, and for which I have promised her I will attempt a rather special cake as detailed in the British Museum Cook Book.) We certainly have enough DVDs to ignore the TV. (I went through the Christmas Radio Times with a marker and found something I might bother to watch every two days or so.)

We did think of escaping to a hotel over the Christmas weekend but, in view of the snow, we were probably wise to forget about it.

All the same, I am beginning to be stressed about even the small amount we are doing this year. You can tell this from the number of fiendish Sodokus I am doing. I have finally resorted to learning how to use X-Wings and Swordfish, but Ghu save me from Jellyfish.

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Hopefully posting stuff will alleviate some of the stress. Take care.

Thank you.

I also have to clean the kitchen, but then I'll mess it up again. [grin]

*encourages ignoring and hopes you can get back to it soon*

As a fellow Fiendish Sudoku-er, I am aware of X-wings, though I'm not certain about jellyfish. I have tried to play Bejewelled as light entertainment this evening, but the damned laptop is running too slowly to allow me to. I may go either to Sodoku or Kokiru in desperation. Either that or Inspector Morse, though I know the books almost too well by now. *must find new authors with series to their name*

It's only this week that I've ever had to use an X-wing - I am hoping to avoid Swordfish, which sound twice as difficult. Even Wayne Gould reckons you should leave jellyfish to people who use computer programs, which I have always seen as cheating.

I have a Reginald Hill I haven't read due to arrive next week. I am looking forward to it. And I must get around to reading the new Guy Gavriel Kay.

Yay, Wayne Gould! My Sudoku books are by him, so I know of whom you speak :)

And yes. Computers are definitely cheating, just as using the internet for answers to Jay's work's Xmas quiz was cheating. (I refused to do that, too, though I was prepared to help him as far as my brain could go. I'm considering doing a similar one for my LJ friends, since I've bailed out on writing fanfic for people this Xmas.)

Ooo, do. Ina and I would have a go, at least. (Ina belonged to a group of Archers fans who used to do the most fiendish quizzes.

As Lil says, I used to do a regular Friday quiz with a group of Archers fans where the winner got to set the next week's questions. You were allowed to use Google - but we had fun finding questions where the first Google hit was the wrong answer.

I may have some on discs somewhere...

Christmas? What is this thing you call Christmas?

Of course, it's actually Melodymass.


(Actually, Melody's birthday is on the 25th...)

Uhoh, who'd I piss-off this time? lol

But granted there is quite a bit of massacring of melodies at this time of the year.

Yup. :) And I was really born on the day and everything.

That icon is still one of my favorites of yours. (btw, I meant the Hotch one -- LJ message threading makes me crazy)

Edited at 2010-12-18 01:34 am (UTC)

It's one of Bear's. I just love it.

My aunt and uncle (childless, high income, mad golfers) used to stay in hotels for both Christmas and Easter. Given that they alternated Gleneagles and Turnberry they were probably more at risk of snow but less bothered if it did happen! :)

I think I'm about halfway there with organising myself for the dreaded weekend although it does depend on whether I'll get up my parents (steep) road, or not.

I once saw the Christmas Break menu for the "Swan" at Lavenham, possibly my favourite hotel in all the world.

Whether you could walk at all after the huge meals (four meals in Christmas Day, starting with a four course breakfast and working on from there) is a moot point - I doubt your blood could move through your arteries for cholesterol either.

This is, of course, the point of staying in a posh hotel at such times because, other than eating, what else is there to do? To be fair, if they couldn't golf, my relatives would be walking their miniature dachsunds, snow or not, or at least my aunt would. My uncle was a surgeon in the classic mould of James Robertson Justice's Sir Lancelot Spratt and treated his health accordingly - the cholesterol wouldn't get time to settle, his arteries being thoroughly flushed with single malt and fumigated with tobacco. :)

I like the sound of your Uncle!

A non-Christmasy thingy for you

And on that winter's night
Christmas comes to take its bite
Ripping flesh with howling winds
Shredding its victims to their end

And the bearded man laughs
Cracking his whip upon their backs
Until morning hide and pray
To escape the sound of that hideous sleigh.

PS -- At a wild guess, Boxing day is about boxes, and putting things in them, and not fisticuffs?

Re: A non-Christmasy thingy for you

Traditionally, Boxing Day (the day after Christmas day)) was when the servants/employees received gifts ('boxes') from their employers. Until the late 19th Century, it was also the day on which any Christmas gifts were exchanged. Dates all the way back to Saturnalia, when the masters served the servants.

Also the day when the UK comes back to life. One of the most important of all steeplechases (the 'King George') takes place on Boxing Day (and we all hope that Kempton's covers are going to save it as one of the most popular chasers of all time, Kauto Star, is going for his fourth win in succession, something that has not been done before.) Also the most important meets of the no-longer-actual-foxes hunting season, plus other sporting events.

Oh, and *snork*. That sounds awfully like the Wild Hunt.

Edited at 2010-12-18 08:41 am (UTC)

Thanks! I kinda felt bad not googling, but was more fun and easier to ask. =)

Good luck to Kauto Star.

& heh, I wasn't thinking that on purpose, but makes sense that I would on some level associate the Wild Hunt w/Christmas, given that The Dark is Rising was a seminal influence long about the 6th grade or so.

*Goes off to read The Dark is Rising yet again.*

You're posting your Christmas presents tomorrow?

Good luck with that...

Saturday. 1st class. And I don't really care if they get there before the 24th. They'll get there.

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