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Verrrry interesting...
I have complained before (most recently on desperance's LJ) about BBC announcers using "refute" when they mean "deny".

Usually, this is in relationship to someone being accused of something, as in, "A charge he has refuted," when the person in question has merely said, "I didn't do it, guv," and has not produced solid evidence of his innocence.

Suddenly, this morning, I noticed that this had changed, and the newsreaders and commentators were saying carefully, "A charge he has denied."

Viktory for the English lanaguage!

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I'm going to be cynical here and ask, was this in a story about Assange by any chance? If so, he may be being treated as a special case.

One instance was, though there are a couple of other stories here to which it was being applied. It is by no means the first time the BBC has made this mistake. In fact, it isn't even the twenty-first time.

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