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Ohh boy, that was bad.
Just watched The Black Cauldron. Apart from destroying two splendid books, the animation did not have a trace of style. No wonder this was a box office and critical flop. Not deserving of a single star.

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Oh dear. I love the book, so I think I'll stay clear of this one.

I did hope that it might be decent (and it was very, very cheap) but Disney was truly awful during that period. (Incidentally, it uses both The Book of Three and The Black Cauldron.

Oh gosh, yes, I remember that one... wish I didn't, mind you.

Oh, and if you haven't discovered this already, "The Dark is Rising" turns out to be not just as bad as everyone feared, it's worse. I refused to see it at the time and only saw it recently because I would be contributing no money to the studio... it stinks. And the kids, who haven't read the book, thought so too. It is quite literally one of the worst films I have *ever* had the misfortune to watch.

I figured that out just from the trailer. Make the character six years older. Move the story to a different country. Why did they bother keeping the title?

Don't forget the lost twin,imprisoned in a *snow globe* for fourteen years... I kid you not.

I remember the trailer to that one (which is all I ever saw) and that was enough to scar me for life. I normally have a terrible memory for that kind of thing but it's awfulness made it extremely sticky brain sludge.

And yet, Rotten Tomatoes has excellent reviews from some normally perceptive critics. I have no idea why anyone should think this movie had any redeeming features at all. I really, really disliked the animation, which was standard Disney cute, but with no style and no good observation.

Of course, I love the books - but at least it wasn't the utterly brilliant Taran, Wanderer. You know, Taran in this movie is a standard American brat...

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