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The Feline Components of the Lil and Ina Household
It occurred to me during highly serious and high-minded conversations (wine? what's that?) with some members of my flist last night that perhaps I should do a quick introduction to the current feline members of the household. Just because some of you have seen pictures of all my cats – or met them – does not mean that all, or even most, of you have the right pictures in your mind when I talk about the scamps.
This post is going to be picture-heavy, so, to save your fpage, it is behind the cut.



This is Champion Onapromise Pyanfar, aka Py, aka Pyanfar-of-the-swift-paw, aka the Boss Cat. She is an Oriental Spotted Tabby (which is basically a siamese-shaped cat, but without the markings) and is Caramel in colour. Py was our foundation queen, had several litters of beautiful kittens, and, unfortunately, was recently diagnosed with mammary cancer – which has returned. She is currently being pampered and we hope she will have a last Christmas with us.

Xolo on the TV

This is her daughter, Inazuma Xolocolat, aka Xolo, aka Xo, aka 'Creaky Hinge' or 'Creaky'. She was a member of Py's (and our) first litter, born in thunderstorm. She is also, supposedly, an Oriental Spotted Tabby, and had a great kitten career in the show-ring, before her spots vanished into the background coat. If she still had spots, the colour would be chocolate. She also had some wonderful kittens, including purpletigron's Wong! (aka Inazuma Lupin the Furred.)

Devil cat

This is Xolo's son, Inazuma Nightcrawler, aka Kurt, Kurtles and all other variants. He is a Havana, which in the UK is a chocolate Oriental. In the States it is a slightly different breed. (All our Havana kittens were, for some reason, named after X-Men.) He is a complete wuss, and has a terrific temperament. Probably the best-shaped cat we have bred (though Wong! runs him close) but a missing patch of hair behind his ear – congenital – precluded a show career. One of those cats that just stayed, despite efforts to sell him.


This is Py's son, Inazuma Mysteryos Stranger aka Ross aka Rossi, Woss, etc. An Oriental Caramel, Ross had a successful show career, though not eligible to gain a title as the breed colour was working its way towards full Championship status. His large number of merits and Intermediate Certificates have contributed to the breed (hopefully) gaining that status next year. He is highly intelligent, impossibly gentle, and rather shy (though he adores la_marquise_de_). That completes the Oriental line-up.


This is the oldest of our trio of Singapuras, Grand Premier Inazuma Heslet Quillan (the rest of the litter were girls and named after James Schmitz's heroines, so naturally he was named after Trigger Argee's part-time husband) aka Quillan, Quill, Quilli, Quills and The Villain. The most successful in the show ring of the Singapuras we bred (his mother, who died aged eight from intestinal cancer was effortlessly sucessful, but we didn't breed her) Quill helped take the breed to Championship status, then earned his Grand. At his last show, he came second in the Imperial class, but he has a nasty mouth disease and is on permanent medication (steroids.) He'd never pass the vet nowadays. He's still well remembered by judges for his loving, outgoing personality, is the cat in my default icon, and writes a column for the Singapura Cat Club Newsletter.


Champion Catomine Classical Cantata aka Zara, aka Xsara Picasso was bought after a Singapura Cat Club meeting, previous to which we had not heard of her existence! She is almost the same age as Kurt (i.e. five) and was bought to show and breed. However, she proved to be sterile, and matings left her with a missing patch of fur, which curtailed her showing career. She is a wonderful example of the breed, and we could probably have made her up to Imperial in time but for that. A deeply loving little cat, she takes no nonsense from Little Dog Draco, despite being tiny.

Flash in the Window

Champion Valisa Flashing Blade aka Flash aka Flashie aka Flashman-at-the-Charge was bought as a stud cat when we were planning on expanding our Singapura breeding. When we pulled out, he was neutered and became a full-time house cat. He had made up to Champion easily enough, and was two thirds of the way to his Grand Championship at that point. Since being neutered we have pretty much given up showing, but he gained one Premier certificate at the club show, and we have promised to show him occasionally. He likes showing, because he loves being cuddled by judges – or anyone else, and even makes 'love' to Little Dog Draco, despite that animal's tendency to nibble him.

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What a gorgeous bunch. And I get a very good idea of their personalities through the photos *g*.

Well, Kurt looks wicked but isn't...

Which is appropriate as the Xmen's Kurt looks wicked but isn't. I think he looks goofy.

The Singapura's are my favourites, love the photo of Flash in particular.

Sorry, hard to type, Max is sat on me.


Flash has to be removed from the wifi router at regular intervals. It can't be good for him. Quillan and Zara both insist on a lap whether you have a laptop on it or not... mind you, they are nowhere near the size of Max the Magnificent.

Edited at 2010-12-11 10:37 am (UTC)

Such a dignified group of cats!

They have such personalities in their pickatures. I like Kurt's look.

Sometimes they have too much personality.

Kurt is an attention hog.

Thank you. Nice to be properly introduced - especially to such beautiful cats.

I'm sure we will, eventually, introduce them in the flesh.

Gorgeous pictures, and oh, how beautiful your cats are.

I don't, incidentally, see any issue with making love to someone who nibbles you (TMI FTW) ;-)

Xo reminds me most of Honey-cat (http://www.flickr.com/photos/sabethea/1167223176/in/set-72157601534397932/ - it might be 8 years old, but the small thing hasn't grown since then!) so obviously must be the most lovely :) Not that I'm biased or anything...

Please assure Ross that I adore him right back.

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